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Gaming News

Battlefield V Reveals Battle Royale mode at E3

Kicking off the press conferences leading up to the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018, or as we know it E3, was EA Play. And first of its announcements was no surprise. Battlefield V is bringing along it a “royale reimagined” for the series. So we’ll be able to play the BR game in this title as well. Other things on the hype list for this one were destructible environments. including smashing and rolling through windows as a player as well as what the developer...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is Activision's answer to the battle royale hype created by games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Treyarch will be continuing as the developer of the 4th game in the Black Ops Story Arc but a lot has still changed. Black Ops 4 will not be including a single player campaign for one. It is the first instalment in the Call of Duty franchise main storylines to do so. There will still be story and lore but it will be spread around the multiplayer content. The...

Fenix, Coming to the Nexus

A Quick Glance at Fenix

Blizzard recently announced one of the most anticipated heroes of all time, Fenix. Fenix is one of the most celebrated heroes in protoss history. He has played roles in both StarCraft and StarCraft 2. The community has been asking for him for ages and now he’ll finally be here in two weeks. From his reveal video, we can see that he is already adding new mechanics to the game that haven't been seen before. We’ll start by going ov...

Battalion 1944 Tournament Recap

With the conclusion of yesterdays ShellShock Sunday #2, we have hosted six (6) successful tournaments for battalion 1944 (3x North American, and 3x European), paying out a total of $300 USD in prizes (self funded), and seeing hundreds of viewers on the few events we were able to stream coverage of. Meaning we have hosted more B44 events, and paid out more in prizes than any other organization currently backed by Bulkhead Interactive.

The turnout we are...

NA ShellShock Saturday #2 - Registrations Closing soon!

It has come to our attention that many teams have been trying to enroll into last weeks FragOut Friday tournament, which has already concluded; instead of signing up for this coming weeks event.

The North American, FragOut Friday and ShellShock Saturday events have been combined into one single weekly event to held every Saturday starting at 2PM EST.

It's not too late to play in tomorrow's event! ENROLL YOUR TEAM TODAY

FragOut Friday [EU] Schedule Moved Back One Hour to 6PM GMT+0

After discussing with our admins and several teams, we have decided to move the EU FragOut Friday tournament schedule back one hour, in an effort to conclude the event at a better hour for everyone participating. The updated event schedule can be found below!

[EU] ShellShock Saturday is moving to Sunday. Updated Schedule & Map List!

In an effort to give more teams an opportunity to compete, we have decided to move our EU 'ShellShock Saturday' tournament schedule to Sunday's. This will allow more competitive teams to participate in the weekly Battalion 1944 Tournament and continue playing in the ongoing Blitzkrieg Battle events as well.

All 'ShellShock' series tournaments (for Europe) will be scheduled for Sunday going forward into the foreseeable future!

FastFrags announces Global Server Partner, Nitrado Game Servers

We are pleased to announced our first partnership for Q1 of 2018 with Nitrado Game Servers. Nitrado is a company owned by marbis GmbH. Nitrado was founded in 2001 and today, it is the leading provider in the area of game servers and application hosting. It has a unique system, which administers game servers and hosted applications dynamically and automatically.

Nitrado offers high-quality services at an affordable price. The flexible, prepaid system guarantees a convenient and simple manageme...

Upcoming Battalion 1944 Week 1 Patch Notes

With the completion of it's first tournament, Battalion 1944 proves to be the old-school competitive FPS title BulkHead Interactive promised to it's Kickstarter backers! Although there has been a rocky start to the early access launch due to server & matchmaking problems (that have since been resolved for the most part), the developers have been hard at work to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

EU ShellShock Saturday 64 Team Team Enrollment Now Open!

It's official! The first European "ShellShock Saturday", 64 Team Single Elimination Tournament is now open Registrations & Team Enrollment! The first in a series of weekly tournaments hosted here at FastFrags.

Registrations will be closed at the beginning of Check-ins (Friday 2PM GMT+0) and brackets will be seeded at the end of Check-ins (Friday 2:30PM GMT+0).

NA ShellShock Saturday 64 Team Team Enrollment Now Open!

It's official! The first North American "ShellShock Saturday", 64 Team Single Elimination Tournament is now open Registrations & Team Enrollment! The first in a series of weekly tournaments hosted here at FastFrags.

Registrations will be closed at the beginning of Check-ins (Friday 2PM EST) and brackets will be seeded at the end of Check-ins (Friday 2:30PM EST).

EU FragOut Friday 32 Team Team Enrollment Now Open!

It's official! The first European "FragOut Friday", 32 Team Single Elimination Tournament is now open Registrations & Team Enrollment! The first in a series of weekly tournaments hosted here at FastFrags.

Registrations will be closed at the beginning of Check-ins (Friday 7PM GMT+0) and brackets will be seeded at the end of Check-ins (Friday 7:30PM GMT+0).

NA FragOut Friday 32 Team Team Enrollment Now Open!

It's official! The first North American "FragOut Friday", 32 Team Single Elimination Tournament is now open Registrations & Team Enrollment! The first in a series of weekly tournaments hosted here at FastFrags.

Registrations will be closed at the beginning of Check-ins (Friday 7PM EST) and brackets will be seeded at the end of Check-ins (Friday 7:30PM EST).

Weekly Wartide Tournaments for NA and EU with FragOut Friday & ShellShock Saturday!

We are excited to announce the very first events to be hosted on the FastFrags Beta Website. Starting things off with a weekly 32 team single elimination bracket tournament called "FragOut Friday" and a weekly 64 team single elimination bracketed tournament titled "Shellshock Saturday"!

Meet The NA PUBG Teams Invited To IEM Katowice Closed Qualifiers

Katowice is the second of Intel ExtremeMasters' PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds events, and it is all coming together with invites being sent out to competing teams. Now, we know the eight Northern American teams that have been invited to compete in the closed qualifiers for the event.

  • OpTic Gaming
  • eUnited
  • FlyQuest
  • Team Envy
  • Cloud9
  • Team Totality
  • Corn Shuckers
  • Gambino

You can see the official announcement from IEM itself [here](https://t...

First Nine EU Teams Invited to the IEM Katowice PUBG Invitational

Just a matter of days after we reported that a PUBG Invitational was announced for IEM Katowice, we are happy to share the first collection of teams that will compete in the $50,000 tournament.

Taking place during February 24-25, sixteen teams will receive invites to the event - below you'll find the first nine. The remaining teams will have to earn their invite through grueling online qualifiers to prove they're worthy to compete alongside the best in the ever-...

Battalion 1944 Could Be The Next Big FPS Esport

Yet another competitive First Person Shooter is looking to join the world of esports, and it's called Battalion 1944. Set in World War 2, merely months after the recent Call of Duty went back to that time period, the game's lead designer, Joe Brammer, has explained all to PC Gamer.

Battalion 1944 is the soon-to-be-released product of a Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in only three days. In fact, it smashed its target and raised a titanic £317,281. Pla...

Battalion 1944 To Have Closed Beta, Early Access

Old School World War 2 shooter, Battalion 1944, is on the way, and a new behind-the-scenes trailer has teased an Early Access release date. From Thursday, February 1, gamers will be able to test out the budding esport for around a year. It's previously been stated that the game will be commercially released for $15.

Battalion 1944 will have a closed beta from Friday, January 19 through to Sunday, January 21 for its supporters on Kickstarter a...

Tencent Helps Chinese Police Arrest 120 PUBG Cheaters

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has rapidly become the next big prospect in both casual gaming and esports, but a good portion of its record-breaking 3 million concurrent players were cheaters. We previously reported that the game absolutely decimated the previous record of 1.29 million concurrent players held by Dota 2.

We also touched on the fact that the developers have already banned up to 1.5 million players for cheating during games, and now it's apparent that...

Get Your First Look At Fortnite's New Map Update

Fortnite Battle Royale is set to massively expand later this week with a new update which includes a handful of new locations for budding players to explore (and destroy)!

Epic is adding five brand new locations to the western portion of the map in the upcoming week, including a town and an underground system of mine shafts that has been designed specifically for those sneaky close-quarters situations.

Tilted Towers is an expansive city with plenty of buildings - some of which are six or...

PUBG Invitational At IEM Katowice Announced

It has been announced that a PUBG Invitational will be held at Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) World Championship Katowice on February 24-25 at IEM EXPO! 16 teams, from all around the world, will be invited to duke it out for a total prize pool of $50,000.

Nine of the total 16 competing teams will receive direct invites to the event, includes three North American teams, three European teams, and three Asian teams. The seven remaining teams will have to participate...

TSM Enters Fortnite Battle Royale, Picks Up Myth

After the colossal rise of Fortnite Battle Royale, professional gaming organisation Team SoloMid (often abbreviated as TSM) has entered the scene by signing their very first player for the esport: Ali "Myth" Kabbani. Acting as team captain, Myth and TSM will be looking to round out a roster soon to participate in future Fortnite Tournaments and Leagues.

Myth has been a staple in the Fortnite Battle Royale community since its release, quickly climbing to the top of the global leaderboard...

Paladins Is Joining In On The Battle Royale Craze

The emergence of Battle Royale games like PUBG, H1Z1, and Fortnite has been nothing but impressive - and other games are looking to cash in on the vastly-popular sub-genre.

In the newly-announced Paladins: Battlegrounds, the shooter game will follow in the footsteps of PUBG by dropping 100 players onto a large map so they can "explore, loot, and survive" in a battle to become the lone survivor.

Dubbed the "first-ever hero shooter battle royale," Paladins: Battlegrounds is sti...

Practice To Become A Pro On This New Battle Royale Trainer

Battle Royale games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and H1Z1 are flourishing in the gaming atmosphere at the moment - and a new game called Battle Royale Trainer wants to help gamers get better at the sub-genre.

Priced at a generous $4 on Steam, Battle Royale Trainer does what it says on the tin - it allows gamers to get better at Battle Royale games by providing a training ground with a good range of customization. Differ...

Overwatch League Signs Two-Year Deal To Stream On Twitch

With the Overwatch League finally set to debut this week, Sports Business Daily has reported that Activision-Blizzard has signed an exclusive two-year contract to stream its first two seasons on Twitch.

Said to be the biggest contract in the history of esports, the deal is worth at least $90 million dollars - allowing Twitch to stream the regular season and postseason contests, as well as the 12 weekly matc...

New PUBG Loot Crates Now Live on Test Servers - PC 1.0 PATCH NOTES #2

Earlier today PUBG Corp, the company behind the hit game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, launched an update for PC that brings two new loot crates for players to obtain in the game (the Biker Crate will be free to open, while the Desperado crate will require a key), and the new unified PUBG crate key that can open Desperado and Gamescom crates with.

In addition to the new "BIKER CRATE" and a "DESPERADO CRATE", the patch includes tweaks to the replay system, U...

ProoF To Lead UNiTE Gaming Call of Duty WW2 Team At CWL New Orleans

After weeks of team changes - whether it's being dropped from a roster or leaving an organisation - Call of Duty X-Games Gold Medalist Jordan "ProoF" Cannon has finalized a roster for next weekend's CWL New Orleans open event.

Representing UNiTE Gaming, the Call of Duty veteran will be performing alongside Brett "KlinK" Kovach, Dawud "Magsy" White, and Ethan "Bounds" Cordero; three relatively unproved players who will be looking to make a name for themselves through...

PUBG Xbox One gets Optimizations & FPP Solo - PATCH NOTES #4

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on Xbox One will now be able to play Solo matches in first-person perspective, thanks to today's new patch.

The launch of FPP mode servers has been highly anticipated since PUBG released onto Xbox One about a month ago, and today that wait is finally over. The FPP Solo game mode has now officially been added to the North American, Europe, and Oceanic servers.

GGEA Brings 2 Call of Duty Teams On Board

A brand new organisation has stepped into the Call of Duty (COD WW2) scene, acquiring two teams ahead of the upcoming CWL New Orleans Open event. The next major event for Call of Duty is only a week away, though roster changes and organisational shifts are still rife within the scene.

The first of two teams that GGEA has signed is the roster that was previously under Team Allegiance, consisting of Austin "Believe Smith", Mehran "Mayhem" Anjomshoa, Dakota "Nova" Williams, and Tristan "Spoof"...

Korean esports giant SK Telecom T1 is planning to start a PUBG team by August 2018

Three-time League of Legends world championship team, SK Telecom T1 (SKT) announced that they are planning to expand into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) this coming August.

SKT CEO, Dong-Hyun Jang confirmed today that the esports giant is eyeballing the Battle Royale phenomenon PUBG and is looking to find players who are passionate about eSports and competing in the game at a high level and hope to have a completed roster, ready to play by August.

PUBG Could Be Coming To PS4, Nintendo Switch & More?

The developer of the biggest game of 2017 (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), PUBG Corp, is looking to go all in when it comes to ports on platforms other than PC.

The CEO of PUBG developer PUBG Corp, Chang Han Kim, said in a recent interview that he hopes the game will one day be available on "every platform". Not only that, but he also spoke about how his personal aim is for PUBG to become a "universal media franchise" that could extend beyond games into TV and movies and more.

Auzom Premier League Season 2 - Invitations Announced!

Earlier this week Auzom announced via Twitter each of the invitees (in North America and Europe) for the upcoming Auzom Premier League - Season 2. With all invitations set, the APL S2 Qualifier event has been set and registration's begin tomorrow!

The Auzom Committe nominated a total of 33 teams (17 NA, 16 EU) to participate in APL S2, while also automatically advancing the top 12 teams of Season 1 (in each region) into the league. Leaving the remaining teams, a total of 12 positions (per reg...

PUBG Breaks its former Concurrent Players Record & Has Banned 1.5 Million Players!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds recently passed 3 million concurrent players on PC, according to Steam Database. The game peaked at 3,106,358 players earlier today.

As PC Gamer points out, this new record decimates the current second-place holder, Dota 2. At its peak, Dota has had 1.29 million concurrent players. It's also worth mentioning that, since PUBG's early access release on PC in March, it's become Steam's most-played game.

PUBG Creator Hints at New Content and Tweaks for 2018!

Now that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is out of Steam Early Access and 1.0 has been released, developers hint at more exciting contents and updates to be released for the game in 2018.

As promised, game developers "PUBG Corp" released the first full version of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" for PC by the end of 2017. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, CEO C.H. Kim said that his work was definite...

PUBG Gets a Second Update for the Xbox One - Patch Notes #2

The release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the Xbox One has had some difficulties, as the initial release was plagued by low performance and failures. In the time since then, the developer of PUBG Corp. has been actively working on the optimization of the game for Microsoft's latest consoles (XboxOne, XboxOneS, XboxOneX).

Based on a much larger update released earlier this week, the second update of PUBG on Xb...

FastFrags Competitive eSports Platform [Beta Launch]!

Welcome Fraggers, My name is Caleb "Meta" Harrod, Founder and Developer here at FastFrags as well as former competitive (Diablo2/3 & CoD/CoD2) player. After discovering PUBG and re-igniting my passion for competitive gaming, I started designing FastFrags which lead to several months designing and developing something awesome in the shadows...

The time has finally come that we are ready to step into public view and officially launch our Competitive eSports Platform [BETA v0.1] w...

Early-access PUBG players will receive a PIONEER SHIRT!

If you are one of the Millions of players who participated in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Early-Access, you should be seeing a new item in your Steam Inventory very soon!

![Pioneer Shirt arriving in Steam Inventories of Early-Access Participants](https://i.imgur.com/Xlf3cTg.jpg "Pioneer Shirt PUBG Steam Inventory")

Possibly 2 New Loot Crates Dropping With PUBG 1.0 Patch [Data-Mined]

The PUBG Community has been hard at work data-mining the new patch content, already finding two possible new loot crates that could be coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with the release of PC version 1.0 on PC.

The crates are titled "BIKER CRATE" and a "DESPERADO CRATE" and each of the crates is believed to contain 20 or more possible items.

The contents of the crates are as follows:

Alliance PUBG roster Changes

Today the Swedish eSports organization "Alliance" announced that they will be losing two of it's PUBG players (Odinn “OdinThor” Thorarinsson and Erwin “Romz” van der Staaij).

The reasons behind their departure from the organization is currently unclear and the team does not yet have new players lined up in their place as seen in the article clip below.

PUBG Patch 1.0 Leaderboard Changes Inbound!

Today marks the scheduled release date for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds version 1.0, as the game finally leaves Early Access after taking the world by storm. However, your leaderboard position won’t carry over into the full game, as those rankings will be reset tonight.

With the release of PC Patch 1.0, players can expect to see all the features they have already been enjoying on the Test Server (including the new Miramar desert map, replay system, kill cam, weapons, vehicles, and vaulting)...

PUBG Xbox Update Patch Notes #1

The highly anticipated first patch (one of what is expected to be many to come) for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One and Xbox One X has been officially announced on the game's official forums only moments ago by the PUBG Community Coordinator - "Hawkinz".

Players can expect to see a wide variety of bug fixes and improvements, as well as a first pass on visual and performance improvements (as seen below).

Evil Geniuses Make Changes to PUBG Roster!

Today the team posted an announcement on their Facebook Page that they will be releasing Jared “Pandaego” Fletcher from both the PUBG Roster (as well as the EG Organization as a whole) and will be replacing him with Kellen "Lush" Blukis with the goal of improving their position in upcoming events.