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Battlefield V Reveals Battle Royale mode at E3

Kicking off the press conferences leading up to the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018, or as we know it E3, was EA Play. And first of its announcements was no surprise. Battlefield V is bringing along it a “royale reimagined” for the series. So we’ll be able to play the BR game in this title as well. Other things on the hype list for this one were destructible environments. including smashing and rolling through windows as a player as well as what the developers promised: “No loot boxes. No premium pass.”

Respawn’s Vince Zampella had a couple of words of their Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order and after it, Star Wars Battlefront II took the stage with announcements on a squad system, game modes, heroes and Clone Wars being added to the game. For the more casual gamer, Unravel Two was announced to be available for purchase starting immediately and this puzzle based platformer is designed for co-op play. You can still run the game solo as well and control both yarn creatures. EA Indi slot was given to a very emotional looking Sea of Solitude by a German studio Jo-Mei Games that tackles the topic of loneliness by turning a human into a monster when the emotion is too much.

Some classics were announced as well. Sports fans can look forward to Fifa 19 with UEFA Champions League and Madden NFL Overdrive is coming to PC. Command & Conquer: Rivals was introduced as a competitive mobile RTS. Noticeably the biggest excitement surrounded BioWare’s Anthem. A multiplayer shooter that features “Our world. Your Story.” The game is combining a single player story hub with multiplayer missions outside in the open world you can take on in groups of up to 4 players. Anthem is set to release in February 2019.

Tomorrow we can look forward to what Microsoft, Bethesda Softworks and Devolver Digital have to offer.

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