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[EU] ShellShock Saturday is moving to Sunday. Updated Schedule & Map List!

In an effort to give more teams an opportunity to compete, we have decided to move our EU 'ShellShock Saturday' tournament schedule to Sunday's. This will allow more competitive teams to participate in the weekly Battalion 1944 Tournament and continue playing in the ongoing Blitzkrieg Battle events as well.

All 'ShellShock' series tournaments (for Europe) will be scheduled for Sunday going forward into the foreseeable future!


EU Schedule & Maps

  • Check-ins start Feb 11th @ 1400 and end @ 1430 (GMT+0)
  • Round One: Feb 11th 15:00 (GMT+0) -- Coastal
  • Round Two: Feb 11th 17:00 (GMT+0) -- Derailed
  • Round Three: Feb 11th 18:00 (GMT+0) -- Liberation
  • Quarterfinals: Feb 11th 19:00 (GMT+0) -- Manor House
  • Semifinals: Feb 11th 20:00 (GMT+0) -- Coastal
  • Placement: Feb 11th 21:00 (GMT+0) -- Liberation
  • Finals: Feb 11th 21:00 (GMT+0) -- (Each Team Choses 1 Map + Liberation)

ENROLL YOUR TEAM TODAY on the ShellShock Sunday Tournament Page, or visit for Prizing Details, Rules, Brackets & More!

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