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FastFrags Competitive eSports Platform [Beta Launch]!

Welcome Fraggers, My name is Caleb "Meta" Harrod, Founder and Developer here at FastFrags as well as former competitive (Diablo2/3 & CoD/CoD2) player. After discovering PUBG and re-igniting my passion for competitive gaming, I started designing FastFrags which lead to several months designing and developing something awesome in the shadows...

The time has finally come that we are ready to step into public view and officially launch our Competitive eSports Platform [BETA v0.1] website, featuring PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as our First Officially Supported Game!.

Our Mission is to provide a stable, easy to use, and highly flexible Competitive Platform to build-up and stabilize the PUBG eSports scene. We believe that everyone from professional players, to casual players and everything in between will be able to enjoy and find value in what we are building.

Through our Competitions Platform (Beta), FastFrags will be hosting Seasonal Leagues (ongoing 8-10 week event) as well as Tournaments (1-3 day event) for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC and Xbox when it's ready.

As we wait for our Custom Games Access Application to be reviewed, we hope to use this time to recruit and fill empty Staff Positions and gather feedback from the competitive PUBG community while testing our systems.

Additionally we wanted to allow players and teams the ability to register and create their teams in the system early, to show your support and further our chances of our Application being processed by the PUBG eSports Partnerships Staff.

More information to follow...

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I am a full time developer and aspiring entrepreneur with a long love of competitive gaming and everything eSports. Founder & Developer of and (Legacy Projects Include:,, and

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