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Fenix, Coming to the Nexus

A Quick Glance at Fenix

Blizzard recently announced one of the most anticipated heroes of all time, Fenix. Fenix is one of the most celebrated heroes in protoss history. He has played roles in both StarCraft and StarCraft 2. The community has been asking for him for ages and now he’ll finally be here in two weeks. From his reveal video, we can see that he is already adding new mechanics to the game that haven't been seen before. We’ll start by going over his abilities, and later we’ll look at his synergies and counters.


His passive, Shield Capacitor, grants Fenix a permanent shield. After avoiding damage for a few seconds his shields will begin to regenerate.

His Plasma Cutter (Q), does damage in a circle around him twice based on where your cursor is when cast. This ability can be used while moving, allowing him to aim the beam this way.

HOTS Fenix Plasma Cutter

His (W) allows him to change his auto attack. The first mode, Repeater Cannon, includes lower damage, but a higher attack speed. The second mode, Phase Bomb, has a higher attack range and AOE damage at the cost of a lower attack speed. Knowing when to use each mode seems to be key to doing damage and finishing kills.

HOTS Fenix - Weapon Mode

His (E) is a channeled ability called Warp, which allows Fenix to teleport to a different location after a short channel. Enemies cannot see where Fenix intends to warp to, so this can be used as an advantage to bait out enemy abilities. However, players must use caution when using Warp, as it can be interrupted by the enemy, leaving Fenix vulnerable to damage.

HOTS Fenix - Warp

His first ultimate choice is Purification Salvo. Fenix scans the area in front of him looking for enemy heroes. After they’re marked, Fenix launches five attacks at each enemy. He may move after his initial scan to follow through on his damage.

HOTS Fenix - Purification Salvo

His second ultimate is Planet Cracker. With this, Fenix does a large amount of damage in a straight line with an unlimited range. He cannot move while channeling Planet Cracker, but he can cancel early in order to stay safe.

HOTS Fenix - Planet Cracker


Now that you know his abilities let's look at his possible talents. I only can say what I think his level 1, 4, and 7 talents will be. On level 1 he has three options, Advanced Targeting, Arsenal Synergy, and Mobile Offense.

  • Advanced Targeting, is a quest that upon completion will allow Fenix’s Q, Plasma Cutter, to circle him one more time.

  • Arsenal Synergy, allows Repeater Cannon to empower Phase Bomb.

  • Mobile Offense, After moving unmounted, Fenix’s next basic attack deals 25% more damage to Heroes.

On level 4 his talent choices are, Target Acquired, Inhibiting Energy, Emergency Protocol, and Warp Conduit.

  • Target Acquired, allows Repeater Cannon to grants move speed.

  • Inhibiting Energy, empowers Phase Bomb with a slow on hit.

  • Emergency Protocol, gives Fenix 30% movement speed for 5 seconds when his shields are depleted.

  • Warp Conduit, whenever Fenix takes down an enemy Hero his Warp cooldown is reset.

On level 7 his talent choices are, Combat Advantage, Warp Warfare, Divert Power: Weapons.

  • Combat Advantage, Plasma Cutter deals more damage to slowed targets.

  • Warp Warfare, Warp grants Fenix Attack Speed.

  • Divert Power: Weapons, Allows Fenix to sacrifice his shield from Shield Capacitor to increase his basic attack damage by 80% of the shield that was sacrificed.

These are all the talents that I know of so far, they’re not 100% to my knowledge. More will be known when Fenix comes to the Public Trial Realm.

Synergies and Counters

Things that Fenix works well with will be CC, so pick him with a tank like Arthas or ETC. He should also be paired with an assassin that can finish kills once he gets the enemy low enough. Look to pick him against poke damage and melee teams. This way if Fenix loses his shields he can back up and allow his shields to regenerate. He’s also strong against teams that have dive if they’re lacking the CC to prevent warp. His strongest maps will have choke points and boss pits, this will allow him to get maximum value out of his ultimates.

Fenix is weak against sustain damage and heavy CC. Avoid picking him into auto attackers that can stick to him, such as Tracer or Zul’jin. His talent choices allow him to trade safety for high damage. Be careful when picking Fenix into a high damage team as he doesn’t have anyway to negate damage so far.

As a long time Heroes of the Storm fan, Fenix appears to be a hero that will truly shine in the Nexus. The strength of the players mechanics will truly show as Fenix offers a high risk high reward playstyle, or a safe poke Hero.

Fenix's Hero Spotlight can be found here!

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