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FragOut Friday [EU] Schedule Moved Back One Hour to 6PM GMT+0

After discussing with our admins and several teams, we have decided to move the EU FragOut Friday tournament schedule back one hour, in an effort to conclude the event at a better hour for everyone participating. The updated event schedule can be found below!

EU FragOut Friday - Schedule & Maps

  • Check-ins start Feb 9th @ 1800 and end @ 1830 (GMT+0)
  • Round One: Feb 9th 1900 (GMT+0) -- Coastal
  • Round Two: Feb 9th 2000 (GMT+0) -- Derailed
  • Quarterfinals: Feb 9th 2100 (GMT+0) -- Manor House
  • Semifinals: Feb 9th 2200 (GMT+0) -- Liberation
  • Placement: Feb 9th 2300 (GMT+0) -- Manor House
  • Finals: Feb 9th 2300 (GMT+0) -- (Each Team Picks 1 Map + Manor House)

ENROLL YOUR TEAM TODAY on the FragOut Friday Tournament Page, or visit for Prizing Details, Rules, Brackets & More!

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