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Korean esports giant SK Telecom T1 is planning to start a PUBG team by August 2018

Three-time League of Legends world championship team, SK Telecom T1 (SKT) announced that they are planning to expand into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) this coming August.

SKT CEO, Dong-Hyun Jang confirmed today that the esports giant is eyeballing the Battle Royale phenomenon PUBG and is looking to find players who are passionate about eSports and competing in the game at a high level and hope to have a completed roster, ready to play by August.

SKT's plan to create some sort of new esports team has been known to the public since May, when CEO Oh Kyung-sik said in an OGN broadcast that the company needed another esport to compete in after its StarCraft 2 team was disbanded in late 2016. With PUBG's rapid expansion into the realm of the most popular games in the world, it only seems natural that it was selected & supported by SKT.

The team reportedly wasn't in a rush to select a new game title to support, considering it was busy watching the rapid success of its League of Legends team. Since the StarCraft team disbanded in 2016, SKT has won several major events, including the 2017 League Mid-Season Invitational, the 2016 World Championship and, most recently, the team made it to the finals at Worlds in 2017 once again.

“The most important thing is the enthusiasm for the game” Dong-hyun said on OGN’s show Game Plus.

PUBG was the single most-purchased game of 2017, according to Steam's end-of-year report on concurrent player numbers (reaching over 3.1million players online), and the game is currently expanding in South Korea at a remarkable pace. OGN (the leading esports broadcast company in the country), is building a dedicated 100-player arena to host PUBG games, and major esports companies such as KSV eSports and Lunatic-Hai are already considering major investments.

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