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Paladins Is Joining In On The Battle Royale Craze

The emergence of Battle Royale games like PUBG, H1Z1, and Fortnite has been nothing but impressive - and other games are looking to cash in on the vastly-popular sub-genre.

In the newly-announced Paladins: Battlegrounds, the shooter game will follow in the footsteps of PUBG by dropping 100 players onto a large map so they can "explore, loot, and survive" in a battle to become the lone survivor.

Dubbed the "first-ever hero shooter battle royale," Paladins: Battlegrounds is still in early development and will be entirely free for each and every user. Hi-Rez, the developer, has said that the off-shoot will be built with squads in mind - much like the "squads" playlist on Fortnite.

While this game doesn't sound entirely new, it's champion-based gameplay promises to set it apart from its competition. The game will add new champions upon release - which is currently aiming for a March release, according to COO Todd Harris.

Each game of Paladins: Battlegrounds offers a group of eight champions that are randomly selected upon playing, out of a pool of 35. The game is said to have only been in development for a couple of months, but the tentative release date suggests it has not taken the developers long to adapt the Battle Royale format into the existing game.

Watch the trailer for Paladins: Battlegrounds here!

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