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Practice To Become A Pro On This New Battle Royale Trainer

Battle Royale games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and H1Z1 are flourishing in the gaming atmosphere at the moment - and a new game called Battle Royale Trainer wants to help gamers get better at the sub-genre.

Priced at a generous $4 on Steam, Battle Royale Trainer does what it says on the tin - it allows gamers to get better at Battle Royale games by providing a training ground with a good range of customization. Different weapons and attachments are on offer for players to get to grips with when they're facing off against AI players in different combat scenarios.

Players can choose from three different training locations: urban, woodland, and an advanced firing range to help with the improvement of aim. Being handy with a gun is entirely important in Battle Royale games, especially when in a clutch situation.

The urban training location is perhaps the closest to PUBG in terms of characteristics, providing some training in realistic situations and environments. Developer, Trickjump, has identified that there can be a steep learning curve in this sub-genre - and the company isn't wrong.

Have fun in Battle Royale Trainer, get prepared before joining our league in the near future!

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