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ProoF To Lead UNiTE Gaming Call of Duty WW2 Team At CWL New Orleans

After weeks of team changes - whether it's being dropped from a roster or leaving an organisation - Call of Duty X-Games Gold Medalist Jordan "ProoF" Cannon has finalized a roster for next weekend's CWL New Orleans open event.

Representing UNiTE Gaming, the Call of Duty veteran will be performing alongside Brett "KlinK" Kovach, Dawud "Magsy" White, and Ethan "Bounds" Cordero; three relatively unproved players who will be looking to make a name for themselves throughout the event.

ProoF left OpTic Gaming just a couple of months ago, opting to return to competitive gaming in favor of being a content creator on YouTube. Since he left the giant gaming organisation, ProoF has: joined eRa Eternity, been dropped by eRa Eternity, re-joined eRa Eternity, and then he finally stepped down on January 2.

ProoF last competed at the CWL Dallas Open which commenced on December 10, 2017. After a poor performance and shocking Top 64 finish, it's no surprise that his team didn't stay together. Call of Duty fans should be familiar with the organisation known as UNiTE Gaming, as they used to house top caliber players such as Marcus "MBoze" Blanks, James "Clayster" Eubanks, and Josiah "Slacked" Berry.

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