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PUBG Breaks its former Concurrent Players Record & Has Banned 1.5 Million Players!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds recently passed 3 million concurrent players on PC, according to Steam Database. The game peaked at 3,106,358 players earlier today.

As PC Gamer points out, this new record decimates the current second-place holder, Dota 2. At its peak, Dota has had 1.29 million concurrent players. It's also worth mentioning that, since PUBG's early access release on PC in March, it's become Steam's most-played game.

According to BattlEye - An Anti-Cheat Company (via PC Gamer), 1.5 million players have already been banned from PUBG for cheating in matches. BattlEye revealed the news via Twitter Post.

For only being out for less than a year, PUBG has been purchased over 30 million times on PC and recently released on Xbox One earlier this month, the console version of the game was purchased more than a million times in its first 48 hours.

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