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PUBG Creator Hints at New Content and Tweaks for 2018!

Now that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is out of Steam Early Access and 1.0 has been released, developers hint at more exciting contents and updates to be released for the game in 2018.

As promised, game developers "PUBG Corp" released the first full version of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" for PC by the end of 2017. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, CEO C.H. Kim said that his work was definitely not over with the official launch of the game.

"For us, the release of PUBG 1.0 is not the end to anything... It's just one of the many milestones that we looked forward to accomplishing. We've seen a lot of Early Access games stay in Early Access for a very long amount of time. That's why we made a promise early on that we would get out of Early Access and make our 1.0 release within this year," - C.H. Kim.

Of course, Kim did not give any specifics on any upcoming game content, but did confirm that they are continuously undergoing experiments focused on improving that game's play-zones.

In the interview, Kim said they had recruited top-ranked players from Korea "to test out the speed and the size of the blue zone." He also stated they were currently testing out new game modes without the red zone.

The game developer also admitted that the current scoring system that evaluates the points of a single game can still be improved, especially in terms of accurately determining a winner for a battle-royale game. On this note, Kim said that they realize the need for "a series of matches so that we can get a winner".

The developer then admitted that they were hoping to soon release an update "fine-tuning" the game's current scoring system.

All these game testings, Kim hopes, will result in a "more established tournament for PUBG" by 2018 without altering much of its core gameplay.

As we all know, the developers of "PUBG" have been open to the idea of adding cross-platform play (meaning Xbox and PC players are in the same games). However, Kim had already explained in a previous interview with Green Man Gaming, Kim explained that adding cross-play would probably come with "technical issues, operational issues, and balancing between different controllers" that would make the game feature unlikely to be available anytime in the near future...

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