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PUBG Patch 1.0 Leaderboard Changes Inbound!

Today marks the scheduled release date for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds version 1.0, as the game finally leaves Early Access after taking the world by storm. However, your leaderboard position won’t carry over into the full game, as those rankings will be reset tonight.

With the release of PC Patch 1.0, players can expect to see all the features they have already been enjoying on the Test Server (including the new Miramar desert map, replay system, kill cam, weapons, vehicles, and vaulting) and now also changes to how the leaderboards will be displaying player rankings.

As we mentioned earlier today, a new leaderboard season will start with the PC 1.0 update.

We’ve heard your feedback regarding the leaderboard instability and rank update issues. After investigating these issues further, we’ve established that the sheer amount of data that needed to be processed and displayed was causing an overload on our leaderboard system. To alleviate these problems, we’ve decided to change the way rank is displayed. This is how the new leaderboard system will work:

Places 1 to 1000 - same as before, number based rank Below 1001 - percentage based rank If a player has not played enough matches or does not have a sufficient score, their rank will not be displayed.

We expect these changes to improve the leaderboard stability and rank update delay. Besides, we think that the new system makes for better readability in terms of understanding one’s relative position compared to the rest of the players.

We will of course keep improving and implementing new features for the leaderboard system in the coming months. Thank you all for your detailed feedback!

Leaderboard Changes – Addressing Stability Issues [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS].

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