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PUBG Xbox One gets Optimizations & FPP Solo - PATCH NOTES #4

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on Xbox One will now be able to play Solo matches in first-person perspective, thanks to today's new patch.

The launch of FPP mode servers has been highly anticipated since PUBG released onto Xbox One about a month ago, and today that wait is finally over. The FPP Solo game mode has now officially been added to the North American, Europe, and Oceanic servers.

The patch also included an increase to player weapon damage against vehicles, an in-game option to adjust aim acceleration, an addition of analog stick acceleration when exiting the plane and while parachuting, and also featured a number of optimizations, including PhysX performance enhancements, an increase to server FPS, an increase to client FPS, and some minor VFX optimizations.


  • Aim acceleration can now be adjusted by players via in-game option
  • Player weapon damage has been increased against vehicles. We will continue to monitor player feedback and telemetry and make further balancing adjustments as needed in future updates
  • FPP Solo matchmaking queue will be made available for NA/EU/and Oceanic servers. We will open other modes within those regions as concurrency allows
  • Fixed an issue that caused indoor lighting and shadows to appear too dark and blueish
  • Analog stick acceleration added while exiting the plane and while parachuting


  • PhysX performance enhancements
  • Server FPS slightly increased
  • Client FPS slightly increased
  • Some VFX received slight optimizations


  • Music on/off option added

Bug fixes

  • Addressed a number of known crashes
  • Fixed a UI issue that occurred when multiple players attempted to loot from the same source

Find the full patch notes on the official PUBG Forums: Xbox Game Preview Patch Notes #4 - [PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds]

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