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Tencent Helps Chinese Police Arrest 120 PUBG Cheaters

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has rapidly become the next big prospect in both casual gaming and esports, but a good portion of its record-breaking 3 million concurrent players were cheaters. We previously reported that the game absolutely decimated the previous record of 1.29 million concurrent players held by Dota 2.

We also touched on the fact that the developers have already banned up to 1.5 million players for cheating during games, and now it's apparent that Tencent - who unsuccessfully attempted to acquire developer Bluehole/PUBG Corp in 2017 - has helped Chinese law enforcement to catch, and arrest, around 120 people.

It's noted that these players have been using software that allows them to use illegal maneuvers - such as seeing through walls - to gain an unfair advantage on the competition. Not only that, the accused parties have also used the game's leaderboards to advertise and promote cheat applications.

This level of cheating is huge, but it should be encouraging for both casual players and esports organisations to see that the developers are keen to clean up the game to keep it as fair as possible. Hopefully this level of support continues throughout the game's astronomic rise and growing efforts in esports.

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