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Upcoming Battalion 1944 Week 1 Patch Notes

With the completion of it's first tournament, Battalion 1944 proves to be the old-school competitive FPS title BulkHead Interactive promised to it's Kickstarter backers! Although there has been a rocky start to the early access launch due to server & matchmaking problems (that have since been resolved for the most part), the developers have been hard at work to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A recent hotfix announcement posted to the Battalion 1944 Steam Community Page by the developers included a list of confirmed patch notes for the upcoming week 1 update.

A few bug fixes confirmed for the Week 1 Update

Later this week we’re going to be putting out a client update with a host of minor fixes before we launch competitive play. These fixes will include:


  • Collision fixes to prevent certain overpowered boost spots on competitive maps.
  • Collision fixes to prevent areas players could get out of the playable area.
  • Fixed certain spots where players could lean through walls for information.
  • Fixed certain collision volumes affecting grenade bounces

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where in some instances headshots would instead count as neck shots.
  • Fixed ‘spin boosts’
  • XP displays to the client more reliably.
  • Fixed weapon skins not being enabled on distributed servers.

Server Browser

  • New Feature: Filter servers by server name, player count, map, mode and ping.
  • New Feature: Search for servers by name
  • New Feature: Hide locked servers.

**Smaller Fixes **

  • A host of less noteworthy fixes will also be going live with this update for general stability purposes.

View the full post on Steam.

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