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Weekly Wartide Tournaments for NA and EU with FragOut Friday & ShellShock Saturday!

We are excited to announce the very first events to be hosted on the FastFrags Beta Website. Starting things off with a weekly 32 team single elimination bracket tournament called "FragOut Friday" and a weekly 64 team single elimination bracketed tournament titled "Shellshock Saturday"!

Battalion 1944 Tournaments


Event Format

  • Game Mode: Wartide
  • Team Size: 5v5
  • Region: US Central / EU West
  • Bracket: Single Elimination

When does Team Enrollment open?

Enrollment for both FragOut Friday #1 and ShellShock Saturday #1 opens Feb 1st at 12AM EST/5AM GMT and close at check-in start time. Enrollment for the following weeks event will open that Sunday. However, you can create your team and prepare your roster in advance!

Does it cost to play?

No! While the game and competitive scene establishes itself, our Tournaments will be open entry, free-2-play events with smaller prizes. We plan to add larger scale invitationals and pay-2-play events with bigger & better prize pools as the competitive community grows.

Want to Participate?

Visit the event Rules Pages listed below for your region for full event details, enrollment information, and check-in / bracket schedules!

Looking to help out?

FastFrags is recruiting staff members to assist with the Administration & Broadcasting Coverage of Battalion 1944 tournaments & future leagues.

Visit the Staff page for a list of available positions and application details!

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